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AJB has dealt with a wide range of costs disputes relating to clinical negligence claims.

In one example, Gavin agreed costs on behalf of over 70 Claimants in a group litigation against two NHS Trusts.  Settlement had been agreed without the need to issue proceedings, but costs proceedings were necessary in the claim against one of the defendants.  Settlement was agreed following costs mediation at which Gavin represented the Claimants. Costs in excess of £330,000 were recovered.

We were instructed by a claimant firm in another complex clinical negligence case to deal with costs budgeting where settlement had been agreed shortly before trial in the sum of £17,500. We then prepared a bill and dealt with the detailed assessment of costs, recovering costs in excess of £80,000 for the Claimant.

In another case, we dealt with costs budgeting and the detailed assessment in a clinical negligence claim arising out of negligent treatment, resulting in the Claimant suffering an infection, assisting the Claimant in recovering costs in excess of £100,000.

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